Week 13

Shoes & Accessories

If I asked you how many pairs of shoes you have, could you give me an accurate count? Do you find yourself wearing the same pieces of jewelry every day while the others just sit there collecting dust? The truth is, we love shoes and accessories! But our collections can quickly become overwhelming. The average woman owns around 27 pairs of shoes at any given time, with only a handful of those being worn on a daily basis. Add to that jewelry, scarves, belts and hats and that equals a lot of extra stuff in your closet! There is no magic number when deciding how many shoes and accessories you should have; this will vary by person and only you can come up with the appropriate amount based on your lifestyle and storage limitations. We are going to spend 15 minutes every day this week streamlining your shoes and accessories so you can have the perfect items to complete your outfit within arms reach and not have a closet busting at the seams.

Set your timer for 15 minutes today and pull all of your shoes together. That’s right, every single pair from the closet, entryway, garage, etc. all in one place. Once you see it all together, count them up. Was it close to your estimate? Group your shoes into categories such as casual, work related, athletic, evening wear, seasonal, etc. Now look at each category and see if you can downsize any of the piles. Be honest with yourself about your lifestyle and if you don’t truly need 5 pairs of athletic sneakers, see if you can allow yourself to donate your least favorite pair. Once you’ve decided what to keep, you should set up storage that works for your needs. Limit shoes kept by the doorway to a maximum of the three you wear most often. The rest can be kept in a closet, with easy access to your most popular pairs. Seasonal shoes should be stored in boxes on a high shelf or tucked away as to not take up limited available space for daily wear.

Once you’ve tackled shoes, follow the same process for jewelry and other accessories. The process doesn’t have to be drawn out, make quick decisions and allow yourself to get rid of the stuff you truly aren’t attached to. When storing jewelry, always hang necklaces to prevent knots and tangles. Any silver pieces should be stored in velvet pouches or felt drawers to prevent tarnish over time.

If you spend time this week focusing on shoes and accessories that have gotten out of control, you’ll be able to find the items you want quickly and you will be able to properly care for the items you love!

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Week 13 Shoes & Accessories