Week 16

Recycling Station

Earth Day is this Friday, April 22nd, so let’s turn our focus this week to creating a recycling station for your home! Many communities now offer curbside recycling, which has increased recycling awareness and participation. However, lack of a sustainable system for collecting, sorting, and disposing of household waste can cause a major mess! Plastic containers, glass bottles, mixed papers and other recyclables are often piled up on counter tops waiting to be taken outside, adding to clutter. This week we will set up a simple recycling center that makes it easy to sort, store, and transport your recyclable items.

The first step is to research your local regulations and identify what is considered trash or what can be recycled. Certain municipalities require you to separate plastic, glass, and paper, while others allow for co-mingling of recyclables in one container. Once you’ve identified what can be recycled, choose a spot to set up your recycling station. Make sure you pay close attention to the flow of traffic in your home and select a location that is convenient and makes it as easy as possible to sort items quickly. Next, consider your design preferences. Do you want something as simple as a separate garbage can or do you want something custom designed specifically for recycling? Do you want the container(s) out in the open or concealed behind a door or cabinet? Since recycling has become so popular, many retailers now offer a wide range of container options designed specifically for recyclables, balancing functionality and style. Look for something that meets your space, décor, and budget requirements and always measure your space before making any final purchases!

As soon as your containers are in place, start filling them up. You should empty the containers regularly, either as they fill up or according to a set schedule based on curbside pickup. For those of you without the option of curbside recycling pickup, find out if your municipality has collection centers for customer drop-off. If so, you can follow the same tips as above, but you may want to use stackable containers or containers with handles for easy transport. Remember to measure your vehicle prior to purchasing containers to verify they will fit appropriately! Since you are physically delivering the items to the recycling center, the key to your success will be setting up and sticking to a schedule for drop-offs!

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Week 16 Recycling Station