Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Simply Refreshing Organizing Solutions will create simple, efficient spaces and processes to increase productivity and provide a sense of renewed focus. We will design solutions that balance creativity, beauty and functionality. We will support green practices and will strive to exceed expectations as we improve the lives of all we serve. 


Core Values

1. Family - We will build strong relationships with our clients while providing support and cultivating trust during all interactions.

2. Creativity - We will embrace laughter, humor, and fun while fostering creative solutions to meet our client's goals.

3. Respect - We will be open and honest in all dealings with our clients and will maintain the highest integrity at all times

4. Accountability - We will take ownership of our clients' needs and will hold ourselves accountable for delivering friendly and professional service.

5. Education - We will pursue learning and growth opportunities which will allow us to become better equipped to meet the needs of our community.