Virtual Needs Assessment

After your Free Phone Consultation, the next step is an in-depth needs assessment over the phone. This one-time appointment will last approximately 60 minutes and will provide vital information needed to begin your organizing journey.


Understanding where the clutter is coming from is an important part of the organizing process. Clutter can stem from having an overabundance of items, but it can also be the result of a change in household dynamic, such as a birth or a death in the family. Each scenario will require a different organizing approach and methodology. If we were to begin organizing your space without fully understanding how the clutter was created, you may have a hard time maintaining the order. By completing a virtual "walk-through" of your home, we can discuss key aspects of your space, lifestyle, and organizational challenges, and together we will:

  • Determine what is and isn’t working
  • Decide what essential items must remain in the space
  • Define your wants, needs, and goals
  • Identify the barriers that are keeping you from staying organized
  • Develop an organizing action plan which will act as your outline moving forward


What’s Next?

Once we complete your Virtual Needs Assessment and you receive your organizing action plan, you will be well prepared to begin the project! You will be assigned homework that should be completed between our scheduled sessions. During our virtual sessions, we will track your progress, identify obstacles, discuss upcoming tasks, and provide personalized feedback to help you meet your goals.

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