Hands-On Organizing

After your Free Phone Consultation and In-Home Consultation are completed, the real fun begins!

To maximize our efforts, Hands-On Organizing is scheduled in 3-hour blocks of time. Working from your organizing action plan, we will organize your space to fit your needs and meet your goals. We will continuously focus on your lifestyle and budget requirements throughout the entire organizing process.


During each session, Dani will:

  • Foster humor and fun while leading you through an overwhelming situation
  • Deliver focused, non-judgmental support to keep you motivated as we sort, clear, and organize your home
  • Provide gentle guidance as you decide what to keep, donate, recycle, re-purpose, or discard
  • Embrace creative problem solving to develop functional organizing systems that match your lifestyle and personality
  • Support green principles whenever possible, always using supplies you currently own to keep purchases to an absolute minimum
  • Teach you organizing tips and strategies so you can maintain order long term
  • Laugh, and cry, with you throughout your journey to a simpler, more organized home


What’s Next?

Your home is organized and your new systems are in place. You are no longer overwhelmed by the clutter that surrounds you. You are living more simply and efficiently, and you have time to do the things you love. You have found the freedom to enjoy your life!


As your lifestyle changes or becomes more hectic, and you need to re-focus on the strategies you learned during our sessions, check out our Maintenance Plans to get you back on track! Discounted pricing is available if we have already provided Hands-On Organizing in your space within the past year.